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American Bass is a manufacturer of top-end car audio equipment and accessories. Established in 1991 American Bass has grown to become the holder of numerous world records set in dB Drag Racing, USACi, and MECA.

Our first-rate products have set world SPL levels. Most notably we won the Extreme Cup in dB Drag achieving 174.4 dB using one 18 inch American Bass subwoofer and eight of our VFL-150.1 amps. In September 2010 we achieved a 179.7 thanks to American Bass Team Member Scott Van Riper. We've also set other highly- regarded records throughout the United States competition circuit. American Bass delivers superior customer service and competitive prices alongside our award-winning products. American Bass products were also featured on MTV's hit show "Pimp My Ride."

American Bass have been actively involved in the sponsoring of many competition events over the years where many world-class competitors use our products to continually compete and win. Our customers know what American Bass can do for them. They are confident that we will continue designing and manufacturing products of the same notable sound and superiority that we are known for. We are always looking into the future, as American Bass is intent on growing and evolving for our customers.

We are extensively committed to implementing the most cutting-edge technology to bring out the highest performance in all areas. We work tirelessly to develop products that customers want while building them to the highest standards they demand. We design and manufacture an array of audio solutions ranging from entry-level products all the way up to the ultimate in competition gear. With eight series of subwoofers, four series of amplifiers, a large variety of midrange and full range speakers, plus speaker wire, RCA cables and a variety of installation accessories including fuses, fuse holders, distribution blocks,etc we have something for everyone.World-class competitors use our products. Discover today what American Bass can do for you.